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Summary of POPI Act (2024 version)


Basic Conditions of Employment Act 2024
Employment Equity Act 2024
Occupational Health & Safety Act 2024
Labour Relations Act 2024
COID Act 2024
Skills Development Act 2024
Tobacco Products Control Act 2024
General Safety Regulations Act 2024
National Minimum Wage Act 2024
Duties of Employees at work section 14&15 -- 2024
Schedule "D" for Machinery GMR section 9.2 -- 2024
Schedule "C" for boilers and autoclaves 2024
Environmental Regulations for the Workplace 2024
Driven Machinery Regulations 2024
Pressure Equipment Regulations 2024
General Machinery Regulations 2024
Duties of EMPLOYERS to their employees Section 8 -- 2024
Designated Smoking Area signs 2024
Hazardous Chemical Substances GNR1179 2024
Hazardous Chemical Substances (Prevention & Control) GNR1179 2024







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